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What Exactly is a Wealth Coach?

When you think of a “Wealth Coach”— what comes to mind? A financial advisor? An investment consultant? Someone who helps you manage your money? Someone who assists with keeping your books? A Tax-Preparer of sorts? Well, what if I told you a wealth Coach can be a combination of these things— as they are not mutually exclusive. Here are 5 reasons why having a Wealth Coach will be pivotal to your financial goal-setting and Financial Planning, and exactly how it will benefit you in the long term. Let’s take a journey through finance, prioritizing our funds, our lifestyle expenses, goal-setting, and explore where exactly a wealth coach would fit in.

#1) Learn About Finance With a Personalized First-Hand Experience:

Having a wealth coach allows you to have two things in one— a coach and someone who has considerable knowledge of finance. Let’s consider the literal 2 words— Wealth: which means to have an abundance of possessions or money; and Coach: which by definition is someone who instructs, teaches, mentors, etc. Thus, a Wealth Coach is someone who actively advises individuals and provides strategies on how to get their financial affairs in order— by teaching them fundamentals of money management, credit, investing, insurance, and asset protection.

So you are being taught by someone who isn’t only practicing wealth principles, but also has an abundance of knowledge much more valuable than any physical money or tangible luxury assets can buy. Allow yourself to be mentored through the process. You only get better with the more you learn— about multiple angles: yourself, finance, and other pertinent economic affairs in your interest.

#2) Wealth Coaches Serve as a Personal Financial Accountability Partner:

Let’s have a pop quiz! For this exercise, we are going to test the most important person reading this blog post right now—OURSELVES! Answer this series of questions HONESTLY! Don’t worry…the only person who suffers from the consequences if you’re not honest with yourself is YOU! Let’s Begin:

Ever bought something you KNOW you didn’t need? Ever made a frivolous purchase that you regretted as soon as you bought it? Are you an impulsive spender? Have you ever been labeled a mis-spender? Are you currently living outside of your means and possibly living paycheck to paycheck? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then congratulations…you’re an honest person. But more importantly, if you answered yes— then your money can use some improvement, and can sure use a partner to help you shift your focus where it matters most…..YOUR WALLET!

#3) Wealth Coaches are Here to Build You UP; Not Tear You Down:

Coaching means that you are in for more than just a career in helping people, it means pursuing a career that directly impacts people's lives and their future generations to come. Having someone with this particular skill set opens up your perspective on making monumental lifestyle changes. Ranging from changes in behavior, to gaining control of your everyday financial decisions; to shifting your perspective and outlook on spending; to providing the keys on how to build generational wealth. This is your FIRST step in Setting up your Financial Goals for optimal success!

#4) Financial Experts Are Not Magicians!

Having someone advise you on your finances is only a fraction of the steps in getting closer and closer to your financial goals. The real work begins with YOU! Allow yourself to be open and honest, so that together, you are able to build a financial plan that is not only attainable but also aligned with your personal and professional goals.

Maybe you want to save for your future son or daughter’s college tuition fund in about 5 years. Maybe you’re ready to purchase your first home in the next few years. The possibilities are endless…but one thing’s for certain: without putting in the work and solely relying on someone else to motivate you and drive you, won’t produce the results you are seeking. Remember YOU are in charge of your own success; but your Wealth Coach will always be there to offer support, advice, and direction. However, WHAT YOU DO with that information, is solely up to YOU!

#5) Expand Your Network and Networth!

You know how the saying goes…”Your Network is Your NetWORTH!” A wise client who seeks and follows a stringent and disciplined financial plan; will ultimately cultivate and embody and well-nourished and balanced wealth ecosystem. Now that may sound like a mantra, but the truth is— the key to succeeding in financial planning, is to have a strategic plan. And with having a wealth Coach by your side, your plan is in for a great start. You’ll be receiving first-hand knowledge from someone who was once been in your shoes, understands finance and our nation’s economy; and has developed successful strategies to achieving wealth and overall financial freedom. It's exciting to embark on this journey towards a better financial future and you should look forward to a positive pathway to success.

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